Moving West

Everyone, we’re moving. I’ll miss you guys!

But my dad got a job in Idaho Falls, ID, and we’re moving around there. I’m really exited about it and I haven’t stopped talking about it since my dad got a new job. We’ll be an hour and a half away from Yellowstone, so if any of you come to Idaho or anywhere around there, come and stop by.

We went to Idaho Falls, ID, a couple of summers ago.

And another joke for you guys:

“What do you call a guy who falls into a Yellowstone hot spring?”


(Get it? Stew or Stewart.)

And I’ll miss you.

One thought on “Moving West

  1. Wow, Cheesy Boy! This is very exciting news for your family, as you love all your adventures. That area is a good one for visiting lots of national parks, and I hope you might consider continuing your blog to share all about the things you see and learn out West. You are a great blessing to everyone around you, and I know you will make new friends there as fast as you did at MVCS.

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