10 Things to be Happy About Mac ‘n Cheese

 The cheesy deliciousness The smell of the cheese and noodles The bread dipping in the delicious cheese Having the alfredo cheese sauce on it Fettucine alfredo with extra alfredo and bread sticks Annie’s mac ‘n cheese Mr. Mac’s Mac ‘n Cheese NOT Brussels sprout mac ‘n cheese Mac ‘n cheese soup Everything that tastes like… Read more 10 Things to be Happy About Mac ‘n Cheese

My Brussels Sprout Experience

“I hate Brussels sprouts!  They’re just disgusting.  I think whoever invented them must be aliens!  They’re so disgusting.  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  Wait a second.  Let’s back up a little.” “First, I was going to my grandma and grandpa’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  So we were there, and it smelled soooooo good in the house.  Then we were… Read more My Brussels Sprout Experience